ColorCorrect for 3ds Max 2019 is released

Hi all,

My new web site still needs me to sit down and spend some time on it. It’s still heavily under construction but I didn’t want to delay release of ColorCorrect for 3ds Max 2019 because of the dust here, I’m already getting many emails each day requesting CC to be ported to the newest version of 3ds Max.

It took me a couple of days to get my 3ds max development virtual machine up and running (long story) but once it was running, recompiling CC for max 2019 was pretty easy (mostly thanks to Autodesk sticking with Visual Studio 2015 and not injecting breaking changes in the Max SDK).

I did very basic, quick tests with it, seems working fine but if you find any problems please let me know. You can leave comments below this post.

You can download ColorCorrect for 3ds Max 2019 here.

Happy rendering…