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3ds max Plugins

Here are the publicly available plug-ins that I've developed so far for Autodesk 3ds max. In projects section there is information about a few other plug-ins that I've developed for companies for their special needs. Please feel free to post your questions or comments on these plugins in to my support forum.

Brazil r/s

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Brazil r/s is a modern rendering system that Steve Blackmon and Scott Kirvan started developing while working as the R&D team of Blur studios. These two genius guys are also the coders of MAX's built-in raytrace engine (code name RayFx) which ships with Max since 1998. I've joined them in October 2001 (mid-beta stage) and still working on Brazil r/s core coding with these two great guys with the support of a great team. Visit Splutterfish homepage for more details (Image by Andre Richard)


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QuickDirt is a very fast weathering/aging tool that I've developed in 1999. It supports MAX 2.x, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x and corresponding Viz versions. It works on any mesh geometry and interactively computes placement of dirty/clean materials depending on the shape of the object. It's possible to place 3 different dirt layers on top of each other with completely different settings. QuickDirt comes with numerous tools which lets you change the complex material trees with just one click, export the calculated dirt mask to a bitmap or even to a data file to be read by game engines. QuickDirt has many parameters to tweak the look and placement of aging effect. (Image by Kursad Karatas)


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Texporter is a small but a handy utility to unwrap any mesh in texture coordinate space. This process results a "flat" wire frame representation of your model so that you can use your favorite painting software to paint color, bump, shininess etc maps being sure that it'll perfectly fit to the geometry when applied on it. It's not a big or complex tool but over the years it became very popular and almost the standard tool for this task. (Image by Boyd Lake - Rainbow Studios)


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ColorCorrect is a 3DS Max texture plug-in which alters the colors of any (bitmap or procedural) texture so that you can fine tune the colors or create a variation of it. It eliminates going back and forth between Photoshop and max and also lets artists to use the same map in different parts of the scene to reduces memory consumption. To give you full control all the parameters are mappable. I was inspired by CC tool of discreet's Flint software  (at that time 3ds max was not a Discreet product). (Image by Dan Burke from Warcraft III trailer)

HDRI Input/Output

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I've developed this HDRI bitmap I/O plug-in in 2001for Splutterfish who distributes it free of charge. It's main purpose was to unleash high dynamic image power of Brazil r/s but we preferred to keep it independent from Brazil and make it public. Because at that time 3ds max didn't have native support for hdr image file format which becomes very popular day by day. Splutterfish offers it to any max user free of charge as a gift. With 3ds max 6 and above this plugin comes as a standard plugin. So you don't need to download it for 3ds max6 and above, it's already there.

Math MAX

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I realized this project, that I was planning for a long time, in 1996. This set of max primitives (and a space warper) lets you enter mathematical formulas to describe geometry, force fields or space deformations. It was developed for Max 1.0 and re-compiled for following max versions till max 4.0. Since the max API changed considerably in that period of time, bare re-compiles inject new bugs and strange behaviors therefore I did not re-compile for MAX 4 or 5. I'm still planning to re-write this project for MAX4.0+ but I need spare time for that which I don't have much nowadays.


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CounterText is extended version of MAX's text object. It provides animatable number content in the text so that users can have frame numbers or any custom numeric value. You can bind it to any animatable parameter in the scene to give numeric  information about that parameter in the rendered image. This plug-in also originates to MAX 1.0 but it's re-designed couple of times to reflect the UI changes of MAX's native text object.

SIRDS / SIS Generator

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This video post image filter plug-in lets you create SIRDS (Single Image Random Dot Stereogram) and SIS (Single Image Stereogram) images out from any MAX scene. This plug-in is also originally developed for MAX 1.0 and re-compiled for newer max versions. I'll re-compile it for MAX 4.x and 5.x hopefully soon.

Super Ellipsoid

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This is one of the very fist plug-ins ever written for 3D Studio MAX. It's a primitive object which changes shape according to it's two parameters.  I developed it in 1995 (or was it 96?) with beta SDK of MAX as a test project to learn the SDK. The initial version is distributed via Bobo's web site. These were the days you could follow all the news about 3D software. Even Gary Yost (Founder of Yost Group who developed 3D Studio in 1988) e-mailed me to point a bug caused by the beta SDK.


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