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Note: This section is still under development!

10.2001 - Current

Brazil r/s (Splutterfish)

Brazil r/s is a modern rendering engine with GI support. Steve Blackmon and Scott Kirvan started development of Brazil while they were working as the R&D team of Blur studios. In the early stages it's name was Ghöst and like many of the plug-ins that they developed, it was freely downloadable from Blur's  R&D web page. After seeing the potential in their research and getting very good responses from the people who downloaded and used Ghöst, they decided to work full time on it and for this purpose they formed a company named "Splutterfish".

This change opened the possibility that I was waiting for many years: working with Scott & Steve. We were in contact with Scott since 1998 and I wanted to work with them for Blur Studios since then. They were also positive about this but they were satisfying all needs of Blur, so there were no open positions for me. When they started full time Brazil r/s development, they needed more "coding power" which started our cool cooperation. I started on a stand alone project: HDRI I/O and gradually moved to core development. Since October 2001 I'm working for Splutterfish on Brazil rendering system. Although I touch almost all parts of the Brazil core, I'm usually working on bCam, bLight and general lighting parts. It's really a great feeling to work on such a cool project where you can realize your wild ideas.

04.2001 - 12.2001

Axiglaze (Qucat) MAX Driver (3hird Dimension)

Axiglaze was a 6 DOF 3D input device that a startup company named 3hird dimension was developing. They asked me to design and implement 3DS MAX driver and I accepted the job. It was really a fun project, I worked with talented people from different disciplines. During the project span I mostly worked at home (Istanbul) but for 1.5  months I worked with the team face to face in Zurich and Gothenburg too. The project was still in it's second prototyping phase when the two towers disaster brought the IT market to a very bad point which resulted the project to be suspended for an unlimited time. Till recently was up and the beta driver that I've developed was being distributed there, but now the site seems existing no more. It's a pity not to be able to release so advanced and promising device just because of financial problems.

09.1999 - 05.2001

Scene and Character Studio Exporter (Crytek)

Crytek asked me to implement a character studio exporter tool with bone deformation capability and I accepted. I had to write the tool two times because during the development, their lead coder has quit (fired?) and the new lead coder requested a different system. At the time we implemented that skin deformation exporter, there were no games using bone deformed characters as far as I know (I'm not a big gamer myself, so I may be wrong). Besides the key framed bone animation exporting, the tool was supporting all scene export option with materials etc. To test the correctness of the data I expor,t I developed a  sample real-time viewer. A library to do calculations for skin deformation, libraries for key frame interpolation and Quaternion math also coded by me to be included in the game engine. I'm not sure if their current development line still use my tool (it's been more than 3 years). If not and if NDA is not valid anymore, I may put some toys here to play the exported data.

06.1999 - 08.2002

ITR (Yatay Multimedia)

Toprak Seramik CD application is shosen as "the Best Sotware Product" by Microsoft TurkeyThis project started as an idea from Yatay Multimedia to be able to develop interactive catalogs for Tile Ceramic manufacturers. I spent some time to study various methods and techniques to achieve interactive rates on a mid level computer of that time. We decided to develop the system as a connection between 3DS Max and Macromedia Director. It took some time to learn Director API, find workarounds for MAX API bugs and develop a system with acceptable anti aliasing quality. There were other technologies around for interactive tile placement but they were either using 2D workspaces like paint programs (which were lacking the realistic lighting) or complete 3D rendering methods (which were resulting poor image quality, bad antialiasing, and inadequate material and lighting effects). The technique I developed uses pre-rendered shading and lighting while doing only texture mapping during run-time. It resulted approximately 0.2 seconds (200 ms) per image for 800x600 size with almost excellent quality. The ram usage was also small enough to run it on any home computer. After my adding reflections, tilling options (mirror, random, probabilistic etc), texture rotation, border adjustments, material properties and a simple scripting language to the tool, talented team of Yatay developed a never-seen-before Interactive CD catalogue for Toprak Seramik in March 2000. It's revised in April 2001 with new products and improved render quality. This CD is choosen as the "best software product developed in 2001" by Microsoft Turkey.

After the first ToprakCD, Yatay started a new project for one of the big Carpet companies of Turkey named "Dinarsu". That project required much better texture filtering scheme. I added SAT and MIP mapping to the renderer without compromising the speed at all. I also implemented a tool for removing smooth light changes on the carpet textures to make them tileable. After completing  the CD version on 12.2000, we have started a web version and I've converted the render engine to a CGI. This web version has a reduced product range but the functionality is the same with the CD (except for the internet delays). In that project I also did some lighting design for the scenes. You can browse this project here

Recently Yatay developed a tile ceramic catalog for another company, Yurtbay Seramik. This time I didn't do big development, just did some small adjustments and improvements to the existing engine. This project is completed in 2002 and you can browse this project too if you click here.

Note: This section is still under development!

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